Volume 25, Issue 2 (2020)
Protecting Religious Freedoms and Minorities in the Middle East and North Africa

Table of Contents


The Legality of Religious Symbols in Belgium’s Classrooms: What Writings are on the Wall?
Cedric D’Hondt

A Historical Perspective on the Relationship between the State and Minorities in Egypt: Lessons from the Interwar Jewish Case
Taqadum Al-Khatib

Moving Beyond the Nation-State: Addressing Religious Freedoms in Lebanon
Ali Kassem

Religion, Identity and Ethnicity: The Quest of Tunisian Religious Minorities for Full Citizenship
Silvia Quattrini

Born of ISIS Genocide: Risk of Statelessness and Stigmatised Nationality Acquisition for Children of Yezidi Survivors
Thomas McGee


Views: From Scriptural Text to Quranic Discourses, a Reading of the Discourse of Nasr Abu Zayd
Gamal Omar

Views: Arab Atheists and their Quest for Acceptance amid Religious Intolerance
Khaled Diab

Book Reviews

Book Review: Democratization against Democracy
Osama Diab

Book Review: Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression
Cedric D’Hondt

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