Volume 25, Issue 2 (2020)
Protecting Religious Freedoms and Minorities in the Middle East and North Africa

Table of Contents


The Legality of Religious Symbols in Belgium’s Classrooms: What Writings are on the Wall?
Cedric D’Hondt

A Historical Perspective on the Relationship between the State and Minorities in Egypt: Lessons from the Interwar Jewish Case
Taqadum Al-Khatib

Moving Beyond the Nation-State: Addressing Religious Freedoms in Lebanon
Ali Kassem

Religion, Identity and Ethnicity: The Quest of Tunisian Religious Minorities for Full Citizenship
Silvia Quattrini

Born of ISIS Genocide: Risk of Statelessness and Stigmatised Nationality Acquisition for Children of Yezidi Survivors
Thomas McGee


Views: From Scriptural Text to Quranic Discourses, a Reading of the Discourse of Nasr Abu Zayd
Gamal Omar

Views: Arab Atheists and their Quest for Acceptance amid Religious Intolerance
Khaled Diab

Book Reviews

Book Review: Democratization against Democracy
Osama Diab

Book Review: Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression
Cedric D’Hondt

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Maher Hamoud

Lecturer and researcher of Political Economy of Development at the University of Leuven (KUL). His current research focuses on development politics, value chains, industrialisation, and international trade with and within the Global South.

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