Volume 25, Issue 3 (2020)
Where is Egypt Going? Political, Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Current Geostrategic Environment?

Table of Contents


Egypt’s Private Press and Inciting for Violence Against Journalists During the 2013 Military Coup
Maher Hamoud


Conference Proceeding: Egypt’s Current Economic Features and Policies
Eberhard Kienle

Conference Proceeding: Going beyond the Exclusion-Radicalisation Premise in Understanding the Dynamics of the Muslim Brotherhood Transformation after the 2013 Coup d’État in Egypt
Mohammad Affan

Conference Proceeding: Dynamics of Socioeconomic Protest in Egypt in the time of Authoritarian Neoliberalism
Asmar Morad Salah

Conference Proceeding: The Future of Secular Opposition in Egypt
Ahmed Abd Rabou

Conference Proceeding: Egypt’s Military-Controlled Economy Beset with Monopolies, Corruption, and Social Unrest
Mona Ibrahim

Book Reviews

Book Review: Revolts and the Military in the Arab Spring
Cedric D’Hondt

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