Volume 26, Issue 1 (2021)
What has Changed in the Decade since the Outbreak of the Arab Uprisings?

Table of Contents



A Worrisome Trend: Travel Bans Imposed on Human Rights Defenders in the MENA Region
Inés Jiménez Llorente

Elections and Democratic Transition in North Africa: The Case of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia
Fouad Aalouane

How Did Sisi Reproduce Authoritarianism in Egypt?
Sara Tonsy, Aly el-Raggal

The Reality and Future of Reforms in Morocco 2011-2021: The Question of Authority
Taoufik Abdessadek


Views: Did the Egyptian Revolution Fail?
Bahey eldin Hassan

Views: Egypt’s Criminalisation of Minority Free Speech through Blasphemy Cases
Mohamed Mandour

Views: Have We Understood Transformations in Tunisia over the Last Decade?
Kamel Jendoubi

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Roots of Revolt by Angela Joya
Cedric D’Hondt

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Maher Hamoud

Lecturer and researcher of Political Economy of Development at the University of Leuven (KUL). His current research focuses on development politics, value chains, industrialisation, and international trade with and within the Global South.

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