Volume 27, Issue 3 (2022)
Transformations in Authoritarianism and in Resilience Mechanisms of Human Rights in the Arab Region

Table of Contents


The Crisis of Democratisation in Tunisia: Causes, Indicators, Lessons Learned
Asma Elbanna

Sino-Arab Cooperation and Its Impact on Human Rights in the Arab Region
Rokaya M. Selim & Ahmed A. Khalifa

The Right of Individuals to Access Constitutional Justice and Its Role in Protecting Rights and Liberties in Morocco
Abdelkarim El Abdellaoui


Views: New Alliances, Increased Repression Characterise Post-Arab Uprisings Middle East
Joost Hiltermann

Views: Is the Algerian Hirak Over?
Luis Martinez

Views: The Impact of Transformations in the Liberal International Order on Democracy and Human Rights in the Arab Region
Youssef Ahmed

Views: Tunisian Human Rights Organisations and the ‘Path of 25 July’
Asma Nouira

Book Reviews

Book Review – ‘Human Rights for Pragmatists: Social Power in Modern Times’ by Jack Snyder
Neil Hicks

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Maher Hamoud

Lecturer and researcher of Political Economy of Development at the University of Leuven (KUL). His current research focuses on development politics, value chains, industrialisation, and international trade with and within the Global South.

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