Volume 28, Issue 1 (2023)
The Political Economy of Authoritarianism in the Arab Region

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Political Economy of Authoritarianism in the Arab Region
Maher Hamoud (Editor-in-Chief) 


Security versus Development in the Maghreb: A Study of the Cases of Morocco and Algeria
Mohamed El Aoufi

Examining the Relationship between Economic Reform and Political Freedom: Vision 2030 and Democratic Transition in Saudi Arabia
Asmaa Elbanna

Authoritarian Development in Morocco: The ‘Developmental State’ without State Development
Nabil Zegaoui

The Future of Arab Democracy under the Rentier System: The Case of Sudan
Fouad Aalouane


Views: Sustainability of the Sisinomic Development Model
Robert Springborg

Book Reviews

Book Review: Authoritarianism as Capital Accumulation in Adam Hanieh’s ‘Money, Markets, and Monarchies’
Osama Diab

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Maher Hamoud

Lecturer and researcher of Political Economy of Development at the University of Leuven (KUL). His current research focuses on development politics, value chains, industrialisation, and international trade with and within the Global South.

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